Error: read only file system

I recently installed PyFR on HPC along with all its dependencies. I am verifying the installation with the Euler vortex test case. The mesh import works without any issues. However, the simulation itself is running into issues with both -n 2 partitioned (default) and non-partitioned case. Below is the slurm script for the non-partitioned Euler vortex case after the mesh file was imported into .pyfrm.


After the case is submitted, the following error codes gets returned.

Does anybody know the cause of this error and how to overcome it for running it on HPC? I have no trouble running the case on local computer.

Please follow up with your system administrator. The error is, as noted in the screenshot “Read-only file system: ‘/home/’”. This is something your administrator has configured (either specifying the home directory incorrectly, or having it mounted read-only).

Regards, Freddie.