2D Euler Vortex: partition error

Hello Everyone!
I am very new to pyFr, need to learn it for a project.

  1. When going through the first example of 2D euler equation after executing step 5, got the error as shown in the image.
    Can anyone guide me what needs to be done here?
  2. I am running pyfr in bash (gitbash) terminal, is it okay or need to use windows command prompt?

euler equation partition error

The error message is self-explanatory. You are missing a required argument, outd as per:

$ pyfr partition --help
usage: pyfr partition [-h] [-p {metis,scotch}] [-r RNUMF] [-e shape:weight] [--popt key:value] np mesh [soln ...] outd

positional arguments:
np                 number of partitions or a colon delimited list of weights
mesh               input mesh file
soln               input solution files
outd               output directory

Regards, Freddie.

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As @fdw said you are missing the output directory for the partitioned mesh. The example sets this as ‘.’ (pyfr partition 2 euler_vortex_2d.pyfrm .) thus overwriting the original mesh with the partitioned version.

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