Search for example F1 cases

Hi everyone, I am looking for 3D complex cases such as a Formula One car or a whole plane. Are there anyone willing to share it?

Answering this question really depends on the scale of the resources you have available. Also I think people might not be so willing to send a mesh that isn’t already published, just for intellectual property reasons.

The high order workshop can be a good source of test cases:

For PyFR, there is also the deep stall case from an aiaa journal paper, although that is quite difficult to set up and run. This also requires quite a lot of resources.

If you want a larger case again there is the T161 which I think the mesh is available here: High-Order Accurate Direct Numerical Simulation of Flow over a MTU-T161 Low Pressure Turbine Blade - Registry of Open Data on AWS
But this will require significant resources to run, although there may be some smaller meshes available.

There are also cases such as the ONERA M6 wing case, that you might be able to find a mesh for. Al well as the NASA bump case which has been studied a lot.

Beyond this, you really need to have a more specific case in mind.

Thank you very much !