PyFR Tutorial Day 2020 and PyFR Symposium 2020

Dear All,

I am emailing to advertise two PyFR events that will be held at Imperial College London this summer:

  • 18th June: PyFR Tutorial Day 2020 (hands on tutorials)
  • 19th June: PyFR Symposium 2020 (talks from industry partners and the PyFR team)

You can register for the PyFR Tutorial Day 2020 here: (password is ‘pyfr’)

You can register for the PyFR Symposium 2020 here: (no password required)

Note that you need to register for each event separately.

Many Thanks


Very interested! Any chance these events can be offered online / recorded? I would like to attend but I guess no plans can be made at this period of time.



Now that the symposium has transitioned to online would it be possible to open up registration again?

As an alternative I would be interested in recordings/slides of the presentations.

Thank you,

Hi Andy,

Good idea.

I have reopened registration until 10pm on Monday 15th June.




Thanks for opening the symposium. The tutorial is closed though. Would it be
possible to listen through part of the afternoon session of the tutorial?

Best wishes,

I missed the registration. Are there any other registrations available now? By mail? I urgently need to attend the meeting, I was in China, unexpectedly the meeting was changed to online. I will be online all the time and hope to get a reply.