Welcome to the PyFR Forum

Hi All,

Welcome to the forum for the open-source project PyFR.

This is intended as a space for the users to ask questions, get help with issues they might be having, and discuss related topics. For those joining from the old mailing list, all the threads can be found here and any of your previous posts should be linked to your account. Using a different email address can prevent this linking. If you have any issues please feel free to contact one of our moderators or admins, these can be found in the about.

For those unfamiliar with Discourse, a brief overview is that threads/posts are termed topics, with topic organised into categories. When making a post try and select the category that best fits the topic. For more information on Discourse see the FAQ page within the menu ‘burger’ in the header. As we start to use this new format we may make some changes, and if you think something could be better organised feel free to reach out to the moderation team.

This is intended to be an academic/professional environment, so please consider this when communicating here, keep your answers respectful and on topic remembering that this is a public forum. Also, PyFR sees a wide range of users from a large diversity of backgrounds and experinces, and it is worth using this knowledge to shape responses to questions. Finally, the PyFR team will moderate the forum to keep content in line with these expectations.

The PyFR Team