Pressure jump up the inviscid wall

Hello, I simulate the case for Re=16800, Ma=3. the leading plate is preceded by an inviscid region, and the grid is strucrured, then the pressure will suddenly drop. Why does this problems happens?


Can you show the pressure contour with the mesh? I imagine that it’s just that you are unresolved.

You mean this?

But the wall is inviscid, is it unresolved? And I set the first grid smaller, this problem still exists. Furthermore, it always occurs at the first grid boundary.

If the wall is an invisicid slip-wall BC, then why do you need what looks like a boundary layer mesh? There should be no boundary layer.

Because the front part of the plate is divided into symmetric boundary (inviscid wall), and the latter part of the plate is a viscous wall. So I use boundary layer mesh on the whole plate. If I use unstructured grid on the inviscid part, boundary layer mesh on the viscous part, it will broke up quickly. Even if I use fillet at the junction of inviscid and viscous area.