Plugin source term with rho, u,v

I want to add rho, u, v, w in source term pluign, could someone give me some tips?

What do you mean?

Source terms can already be solution dependent.

Regards, Freddie.

I used this term in source term,

E = 0.03/(pi*0.17* 0.01)*exp(-(x-2.5)/0.17-y/0.01)* (-0.99984769)*u+0.03/(pi* 0.17*0.01)*exp(-(x-2.5)/0.17-y/0.01)* (0.017452406)*v

but the error comes:

tmp.c:49:544: error:"v' undeclared (first use in this function)

The source terms are specified in terms of the conserved variables. So, for the compressible solver the variable you want is rhou/rho.

Regards, Freddie.