Meshing error- keyError and invalid physical tag count for entity

Hi Team PyFR & PyFR community,

Following errors are shown when I convert .msh to .pyfrm.
Error 1: “keyError; (1,69)”
Attached error image below.
Can you please suggest me what need to be done here!

Error 2 : “Invalid physical tag count for entity”
Attached error image below.

Thank you and Regards,

Without seeing the underlying .geo file it is difficult to say.

Regards, Freddie.

Hello Mr. Freddie,
I couldn’t attach (didn’t find way to do so) the file directly in the chat. so I have provided a sciebo link below for the .geo_unrolled file.


Hi @ManuSaiVenkataRatnam,

I loaded your (unrolled) T106C_New.geo in gmsh 4.11 and got these messages:

Info : Reading '../examples/T106C_New.geo'...
Info : Starting subloop 1 in curve loop 2 (are you sure about this?)
Info : Starting subloop 1 in curve loop 39 (are you sure about this?)
Info : Done reading '../examples/T106C_New.geo'

Then when meshing, I got 4 warnings:

Warning : Wrong control point index in bspline

Might these be causing that error, “Invalid physical tag count for entity”?