Installing mulitple pyfr packages

My computer has already installed pyfr package, and I want to install another pyfr package. Should I delete the original pyfr installation package, then install the new one. If so, I copy the new pyfr package to the site-packages, and what commands are then required?

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Assuming you only want to have a single version of PyFR on your computer then you can just install the new version and it will overwrite the old one automatically.

In general you do not want to be touching the site packages directory yourself. Leave that to pip and

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I download the fefature/two-phase of WillT, and I use the python install, but it doesn’t work. What am I supposed to to do?

And in this branch, can multi-phase flow be used? I did’t see the introduction of mpeuler… in userguide in that branch. @WillT

Thanks a lot.

That is very keen of you to download that branch, but it is most definitely work in progress. I’m stil working on a few bugs in the compressible implementation and the incompressible implementation still needs work.

Further clarifications

The only branch that should be considered stable is PyFR/PyFR/master, the PyFR/PyFR/develop branch is mostly fine but there is the possibility for some bugs that may only be picked up once we mint a release candidate.

In terms of branches on my personal fork, it is a complete mixed bug. Some are stable, mainline quality branches with docs. Others are me playing around with ideas, partially completed/abandoned, work-in-progress, or just depricated. Pull at our own risk and don’t expect full functionality or full support.