Incoming flow with an Angle of attack

Hello, when I simulate the supersonic case with an Angle of attack, Assume freestream velocity is U, angle of attack is the theta, then the inflow condition is u = Ucos(theta), v = Usin(theta)? And I try this operation, the result seems wrong.

If I remember correctly, theta needs to be in radians. Have you tried this?

Okey, I will try. In addition, can I ask another question? In a 2D case, when I calculate the wall skin friction through paraview, I use ‘Gradient and generate surface normal’ filter, then use Calculator (Density*Velocity_X/Re)*GradientV_XY, and then use ‘plot over line’ on the wall to get the data. But the result is close to zero. Is anything wrong?

Make a new topic and ask it there.