How to generate stable mesh to Pyfr


I am Yuji from Japan. I have 3 questions.
I am stragling to make mesh that are stable to PyFR but I hava the .stl file and .vtp file.

  1. Could you teach me how to make mesh that are stable to PyFR using these files ?
  2. In terms of test cases, gmesh is used but I already have mesh data (.vtp). Is it possible to convert vtp to gmesh?
  3. How do PyFR users make mesh from complex geometory?


We usually use Pointwise for mesh generation. It has a robust CAD engine and is capable of generating curved elements.

Regards, Freddie.

Hi @Yujif1Aero,
If you can post a link to your .vtp format file, I’ll see if there is an easy way to convert it to gmsh format.

Thank you. Could you tell me your email adress?
I would like not to share it public.