How to convert Fluent .msh file to PyFR input .msh file?

Hi All,

I have fluent .msh case file but it not working in PyFR. How can i convert fluent .msh file to PyFR input .msh file?

Thanks you

Is the fluent msh file in the gmsh standard? You can tell this by looking at the top of the msh file.

No it not in gmsh standard. So i am looking to convert fluent .msh file into native .msh file format


To the best of my knowledge, there aren’t any tools that do this. The best you could do is probably to write something yourself if the fluent mesh standard is open.

You might want to see if Gmsh can open these files. If so, it should be able to perform the format conversion for you.

Saying this, it is not clear how well the mesh will work with PyFR unless the mesh is sufficiently coarse to enable the use of moderate polynomial orders. In practice, this means that the grid needs to be at least quadratically curved around boundaries in order to adequately represent the geometry.

Regards, Freddie.