How can I know the DoFs with .pyfrs file

When I test some unstructured case, when applying high-order scheme, the Dofs are increasing rapidly, how to get the number of degrees of freedom in a simple way?

The h5ls tool will let you know. For example:

h5ls inc_cylinder_2d-65.00.pyfrs
config                   Dataset {SCALAR}
config-0                 Dataset {SCALAR}
mesh_uuid                Dataset {SCALAR}
soln_quad_p0             Dataset {16, 3, 175}
soln_quad_p1             Dataset {16, 3, 21}
soln_tri_p0              Dataset {10, 3, 555}
soln_tri_p1              Dataset {10, 3, 864}
soln_tri_p2              Dataset {10, 3, 906}
soln_tri_p3              Dataset {10, 3, 906}
stats                    Dataset {SCALAR}

where the total number of DOF’s comes from summing the products of the dimensions of the various soln arrays.

Regards, Freddie.

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