Error : No partitioners available

I am getting the error : No partitioners available.

Steps followed in my windows10 PC for metis installation :

  1. Downloaded conda-metis and metis-5.1.0 (unzipped the tar files).
  2. followed steps in install.txt and made sure C complier and GNU make and Cmake are installed.
  3. executed make config shared command.
  4. created visual studio project file metis.sln and opened it in VS 2022 and build it.
  5. added metis.dll path to my environmetal variables
    but still I am getting this error : No partitioners available.
    Searched through internet for possible help but couldn’t find any useful resources.

Can anyone suggest what should I do?
Thank you in advance.

From the documentation: export the variable PYFR_METIS_LIBRARY_PATH=/path/to/ (which in your case will be .dll).

I note, however, that PyFR does not officially support Windows (use WSL).

Regards, Freddie.

Thank you Mr. Freddie It worked.