Creating animations from multiple pyfrs files

Hello, everyone!

For complex unsteady simulations, it is possible to generate hundreds of pyfrs files, and when converted to vtu files, the file sizes can reach hundreds of megabytes. In such cases, are there any recommended methods for generating animations related to the simulation using these pyfrs files?

It may be possible to achieve this using Paraview, but unfortunately, I am also new to Paraview. Do you have any feasible suggestions? I appreciate that very much.

Best regards.

If you want to make animations, one lightweight approach is to use the ascent plugin to create PNGs as you go and then use ffmpeg to stitch them together into a video.

Otherwise, you can make a simple script that calls pyfr to export pyfrs files to vtu. Then either import them all into paraview and make an animation or use a python script to call paraview.

(The make an animation in paraview you import multiple files and then go to File → Save Animation)

If you don’t want to deal with the file size issue, I think it’s possible to use the post-action feature in the writer to call a Paraview script through pvbatch and then delete the .vtu and .pyrfs files afterwards (although I’ve never used it before). If you can afford the disk space, you can just write the solution very frequently and then convert and process it through some bash and Paraview scripts.