Changing the categories

I have been thinking about the categories we use to group topic on the forum. Currently we have:

  • News
  • General
  • Just Starting
  • Bugs
  • Literature

The issue as I see it is that the line between general and just starting isn’t clear. Also we generally recieve a lot of topics that are about runtime errors and better organising these would be good.

My proposed topics are:

  • News
  • Errors
  • Develop
  • Cases
  • Bugs

Feedback from the community would be great!


I think we are doing to go ahead with this, over the next week or so I’ll add the new categories and start recategorising things. Sorry in advance if you see some of your topics get moved or the titles changed.

I have also enabled tags on topic, which hopefully will help people find things more easily, but they’re entirely optional.