About restart a simulation from existing solution

Dear all,

I am using PyFR 1.12.3 on Ubuntu 20.04.

For restarting a simulation from an existing solution file, the document says that I should use pyfr restart. Could I just change the tstart parameter (corresponding to the time step of the existing solution file) in [solver-time-integrator] and continue by pyfr run?

BTW, when I use pyfr restart, there is no progress bar in the terminal. Is this a little bug?

When you do a restart there is no need to change tstart, it’ll get the tcurr from the solution file you give it.

On the progress bar, I’m farily sure that if you add the -p you’ll see the progress bar. Remeber that you can always do pyfr restart --help for more info.

Finally you should consider updating to the latest verison of PyFR if you can, there are some performance improvemnt that make the upgrade worth it.

OK, I could misunderstand something. It seems that I have to use pyfr restart to restart a simulation.

Thank you very much.

Yep if you want to restart a simualtion from a solution file you have then you use pyfr restart..., if you just want to run a case from a mesh file and ini file then you use pyfr run ...