Visualization of solid geometry from PyFR simulation in ParaView

Hello everyone,

I am actually involved in producing some movies for some simulations that I performed with PyFR. I was wondering if there is an easy way in which I can visualize the geometry of the solid object around which the flow is moving using the ParaView software. For example, how the cylinder in Fig. 19 or the airfoil in Fig. 32 of Vermeire et al. (2017) was added?

Thank you for any advice you can share.

Federico Cipolletta.

If you are using pointwise and have the .pw file you can follow the information here to get the surfaces: Wall shear stress value (skin friction)

Otherwise I think your best bet is to use the ‘extract surface’ filter in Paraview and then clip it to get what you want.

For the cylinder I think that we simply added it using a filter in ParaView. For more complicated geometries we typically export the body as a .stl file which ParaView can read. Most CAD applications should be able to generate an STL.

Regards, Freddie.

Yep, to add a cylinder in Paraview look under Sources > Alphabetical > Cylinder.

Thank you @fdw and @WillT for your advice. I confirm that I managed to export the surface of the solid from Pointwise as a .stl that I am able to open with Paraview.

Federico Cipolletta.