ValueError: Shape mismatch

Hello PyFR community!


PyFR version = 1.12.2 (link: GitHub - GiorgioGiangaspero/PyFR: PyFR)

I would like to use turbulence generator plugin in pyfr made available through above link.

Received error mentioned in the above image and couldn’t understand what the issue could be.
When I run the simulation without turbulence plugin it works fine.
can you please suggest what could be wrong here and what should be done for such cases?
Seeking your support.

Note: I came to know that this version of PyFR is not officially supported anymore. As I am unable to figure out myself seeking support here.

Sorry, only features on the main git are supported and others are only provided as is. However, that being said, I know @p.vincent is working on making a main line version of this and he is nearly there with it. It will definitely be in in PyFR v2.0.