Running Simple PyFR Example on Windows Using Anaconda

I followed the list of dependencies that was required and installed through anaconda. Then I created PyFR from source.

I linked cblas in the .ini file cblas = C:\\Users\\\{Username\}\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\anaconda3\\Library\\include\\openblas

then started running this command: "pyfr run -b openmp -p mesh.pyfrm couette_flow_2d.ini"

But get the following errors:

Traceback \(most recent call last\):
  File "C:\\Users\\cong\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\anaconda3\\Scripts\\pyfr\-script\.py", line 11, in <module>
    load\_entry\_point\('pyfr==1\.9\.0', 'console\_scripts', 'pyfr'\)\(\)
  File "C:\\Users\\\{Username\}\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\anaconda3\\lib\\site\-packages\\pyfr\-1\.9\.0\-py3\.7\.egg\\pyfr\\\_\_main\_\_\.py", line 110, in main
  File "C:\\Users\\\{Username\}\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\anaconda3\\lib\\site\-packages\\pyfr\-1\.9\.0\-py3\.7\.egg\\pyfr\\\_\_main\_\_\.py", line 235, in process\_run
  File "C:\\Users\\\{Username\}\\AppData\\Local\\Continuum\\anaconda3\\lib\\site\-packages\\pyfr\-1\.9\.0\-py3\.7\.egg\\pyfr\\\_\_main\_\_\.py", line 201, in \_process\_common
ImportError: DLL load failed: The specified module could not be found

Not sure where to start with debugging/setting up from here.

Hi Xavier,

The cblas directive in the .ini file needs to be a path to a library
which ends in .dll.

Regards, Freddie.

I was able to get it to work.

Thank you.