Only NaN values for my Airfoil simulation

Hi guys!

My Airfoil simulation is running, and everything looks good. However, when opening it in ParaView i only have NaN values. I checked my simulation by printing the forces on the airfoil (soln-plugin-fluidforce-airfoil), and they are all NaN. I have uploaded my case, and i am very thankfull for any tips!
Any ideas on why this is happening?


Airfoil.ini (1.29 KB)

Hi Stian

if you see any NaN, i.e. not-a-number, it means that your simulation has diverged and you do not have a valid solution.
You should start from scratch. Try decreasing the dt, or the polynomial order or both.


Tried with dt= 0,000001, and order as well. No luck there!

Any other suggestion?

Thanks for helping!

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