Internal zeros for the OFR scheme

Hi, everyone
I want to change the correction function to Optimal General FR Schemes (DOI 10.1007/s10915-014-9882-5, Asthana K and Jameson A, High-Order Flux Reconstruction Schemes with Minimal Dispersion and Dissipation),
image. The article only provides the value of internal zeros to P=5. Can anyone tell me the value of internal zeros to P=7?

In that work the internal zeros were found by optimising the single parameter correction function family of Vincent et al (2010), once they have the c value, it looks as though they then found the zeros of the correction function. In the work by Astana and Jameson they only went up to p=5, so if you wanted to get the internal zeros of this optimised correction function, then you would have to repeat the optimisation for yourself.

Just a point to consider, it is much easier/more accurate to construct the correction function from the c parameter than it is from polynomial zero values. The zeros will have been generated by root finding the exact function defined by c, so you end up with a lot of compounded errors using the zeros.

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