How can I use EDAC in PyFR when simulating the incompressible problem?

I have read paper [2111.07915] Artificial Compressibility Approaches in Flux Reconstruction for Incompressible Viscous Flow Simulations (, and found a method called EDAC are used in PyFR framework, what should I do to use this method ? Should I change config.ini file ? Are there any reference config.ini files?

This isn’t a fully supported feature of PyFR and we don’t have any plans for EDAC to become our defacto method for incompressible flows. However, my implementation can be found here: GitHub - WillTrojak/PyFR at feature/entropic_damping

There is no documentation for this branch, so you’ll have to look at the source code to see how to configure it. Generally most of the features of the ACM approach are transposed and supported with EDAC but with the names changed to ed-... rather than ac-..., and of course you can run explicitly which I would recommend doing with global adaptive time stepping.

Thank you very much !!!

Why don’t you choose EDAC method to become your defacto method for incompressible flows? Does the method have some disadvantages?

I cover the reasons in the paper, the main issue is robustness on features sensitive to errors in the pressure feild.

In EDAC, the pressure field has a secondary role of counteracting velocity divergence and the scaling of this is dependent on the zeta quantity. Potentially some zeta adaptive method would be a good idea, but I think this requires a seperate paper.