Full Unstructured Quad Mesh Pointwise

Hi I was looking at your case of the NACA0021 and I saw that your grids are unstructured to fill the domain but are made of pure hex elements. How did you accomplish that in pointwise?


I believe that we used Gmsh.

Could you double check that? In the past I saw a similar post saying that those grids were generated in pointwise


https://arc.aiaa.org/doi/10.2514/1.J055304 → section III B → “For each domain, two quadratically curved hexahedral meshes were made using Gmsh [22]”

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In Pointwise, you can create structured grids and using either the PyFR, Gmsh, or CGNS CAE exporters, Pointwise will export the grid as unstructured in the corresponding solver’s grid format. The easiest way to create unstructured quads around a 2-D airfoil in Pointwise is to use the hyperbolic/normal extrusion feature within Pointwise’s structured grid mode. If you then extrude these quads in the k-computational coordinate direction by 1 cell (i.e., k dimension = 1), then you can then elevate the mesh and export the resulting grid using either of the aforementioned CAE solvers.

When Pointwise was first implementing higher order grids, it supported elevation of 2-D grids, but that capability has been removed and is now limited to just 3-D grids. For 2-D grids, you’re probably just as well off using P1 meshes with PyFR anyways and skipping the elevation step altogether.

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