Error with sampler plugin

By the way.

Sometimes I find that my solver-plugin-sampler doesn’t work, meaning there’s no corresponding file output. However, at other times, it works and produces results. The code for this module is the same in both cases. Why is this happening?

Could it be related to the format setting of my conservative variable? Additionally, I noticed that when my time integrator’s controller is set to ‘none,’ there’s no sampler output, but when it’s set to ‘pi,’ there is sampler output.

I apologize for my limited understanding of these settings. If you could provide an explanation for my confusion, I would greatly appreciate it.

Please allow me to provide more details. Here is the content of my [solver-plugin-sampler].

nsteps = 100
samp-pts = [(0.71,0.66,1.5707),(1.30,0.69,1.5707),(0.50,0.00,1.5707),(1.00,0.00,1.5707),(1.50,0.00,1.5707),(2.00,0.00,1.5707),(2.50,0.00,1.5707),(3.00,0.00,1.5707),(3.50,0.00,1.5707),(4.00,0.00,1.5707),(2.00,0.59,1.5707),(-0.171,0.465,1.5707)]
format = conservative
file = ./results/point-data.csv
header = true

Sometimes it fails to produce the correct output, meaning I can’t find the “point-data.csv” file in the results folder. I’m not sure where the issue is.

I’ve noticed that when I use the [solver-time-integrator] below, the sampler doesn’t work correctly.

scheme = rk45
controller = none
tstart = 0.0
tend = 100.0
dt = 0.001

However, when I use the [solver-time-integrator] below, the sampler can correctly output the CSV file.

formulation = std
scheme = rk45
controller = pi
tstart = 0.0
tend = 60.0
dt = 0.001
atol = 1E-7
rtol = 1E-7
errest-norm = l2
safety-fact = 0.9
min-fact = 0.3
max-fact = 2.5

Of course, there’s also a possibility that I might have overlooked any specific details. If more information is needed, please feel free to reach out to me.

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could provide insights into the cause of this issue.
Best regards.

Are you able to reproduce this with one of the pyfr example case?

I feel quite foolish, to the extent that I made a very basic mistake. I am ashamed of my own foolishness, and I even believe this post could be deleted altogether.

This is because I made a low-level error when modifying the configuration file of an older version of pyFR. The correct beginning should have been [soln-plugin-sampler], but I mistakenly used the previous format [solver-plugin-sampler]. Since there were no errors during computation, I didn’t pay attention and failed to notice this mistake.

I deeply apologize for my carelessness, which resulted in the unnecessary use of public resources. I believe that when we encounter problems, the first step should be to carefully read the documentation for a thorough investigation. I’m sincerely sorry for not doing so.

Thanks to the community staff for your hard work!