Case configuration: start up, ini and mesh


I am trying to use PyFR as a tool for my research. However, I am having some difficulties to obtain simple results in a 2D backward-facing step flow case. I have tried to run this case considering incompressible and compressible flow. However, even I reduce the Courant number (reducing the time step or the inlet velocity), I am obtaining NAN residues.

Please, could you configure this setup (backStep.ini and backStep.msh are attached) and give some feedback about the mistakes I am committing?

Thank you in advance,

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Hi Douglas,

So at a zeroth order I see that there are a couple of lines where

p = 0

which is clearly unphysical for it is specifying a null pressure.

Regards, Freddie.

I understand. Could you send me a configuration (Incompressible or compressible) for this geometry, so that it can be executed on PyFR?

Hi Douglas,

I have not personally run this case and so do not have a geometry or
input deck for it. Maybe someone else on the mailing list does, however.

Regards, Freddie.

I am providing the .ini and .msh files for this case. Could anyone help me to configure this case (flow inside a back-facing step, incompressible or compressible flow)?

Thanks (431 KB)